DIN913/M8/Titanium Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Flat Point/GR2


Model:Titanium Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Flat Point




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Type of standard that can be produced:


ISO4026,ISO4027,ISO4028,ISO4029,ISO7435,ISO2342, ISO4776,ISO7434


Advantages of Titanium:

1.Super corrosion resistance: excellent resistance to acid and alkali, similar to platinum in seawater.

2.High strength: the specific strength is twice that of iron, the highest among structural metals.

3.Light weight: the proportion of titanium metal is only half of copper, stainless steel and carbon steel 60%.

4.Low temperature toughness: in very low temperature environment, not easy to brittle phenomenon,anti-metal fatigue.

5.Extremely low magnetic: permeability only 1.00005.

6.Non-toxic: not easy to precipitate ions, with antibacterial and human affinity.

7.Low thermal conductivity: thermal conductivity is only 8% of aluminum, good energy conversion characteristics.

8.Low thermal shrinkage: Thermal shrinkage rate is 50% of stainless steel, no deformation in heat.

9.Color treatment: Color changes can be made through anodic color treatment.



petrochemical, electronics, aviation, sports equipment, military, medicine


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