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Titanium Fasteners and Precision Parts China Manufacturer

We have been focusing on R&D and sales of titanium fasteners and precision parts.

Titanium Fasteners and Precision Parts China Manufacturer

Titanium hexagon socket cap screws, Titanium hexagon head bolts, Titanium nuts, Titanium set screws, Titanium countersunk head bolts, Titanium round head bolts, Titanium spring washer, Titanium washer, GR5 titanium bolts, Precision parts。


Shenzhen LongHung Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Our company adopts excellent production technology and advanced production equipment, has experienced engineering and technical personnel and a quality control team, and is equipped with complete measuring equipment and professional operators to ensure product quality.

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Users’ needs are our pursuit. We will use our most sincere reputation and hope to seek common development and common prosperity with friends from all walks of life.

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